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October 10th, 2011
It Only Takes One Shot to Win a Million

The Dr Pepper TEN $1 Million Dollar Shootout starts this Friday, October 14th and some of our past participants are getting exited to come back this year and take their chance at winning the $1 million. We have the opportunity to meet some great people who show up to the event multiple times during the ten days to try to win different prizes and we had an opportunity to speak with some of them before this Friday’s kickoff.

Adam Villareal told us that he tries to come out to the event “the first day and about 4-5 more times after that” so he can try to win more prizes and make it to the finals. He is hoping that this year he will make it to the finals for the second time. His favorite prize that he won was the free round trip airline ticket. With this prize he was able to afford to take his wife and step-daughter to New York for vacation, and if he wins the $1 million this year he wants to ask his wife to stop working and make more time for vacation trips.

Kasen Schneider, one of our younger competitors, told us that he enjoys coming out to the event because he wants to challenge himself and improve while comparing his results to others. His closest shot has been six inches away from the hole and he has made it into the finals twice. Winning the $1 million would allow him to help his family, attend college, and go to some golfing schools.

Last year’s grand prize winner, who won a trip to the Caribbean for having the closest shot in the finals, attends the event everyday as long as he is free from clinical duties at the hospital. Nehman Andry has made it into the finals all three years he has participated in the event and has even made a hole-in-one during the week of competition. He said, “It would have been nice if I would have saved my hole-in-one for the finals that year, but I had a lot of fun participating and knew I wanted to come back and try my luck again.” He is hoping that this year will be his lucky year to sink the hole-in-one in the finals. When asked what he would do with the $1 million if he won, he said “Well, if I didn’t have a heart attack in the process and survived the initial shock of it all, I’d give 10 percent of the winnings to the church I attend, and another 10 percent I’d split between the Valero Alamo Bowl Scholarship Fund and First Tee of San Antonio. The remainder would go towards paying off my student loans from medical school, and if there was anything left over after that, I’d put it in my piggy bank for a rainy day."

The big prizes aren’t the only things our golfers look forward to. There are many on the green prizes they love to win. “Even if you don’t hit it close to the pin, there are On the Green prizes that are offered too. I can never get enough of good barbeque, so the Rudy’s dinner coupon is always my choice!” said Andry. When asked what his favorite prize was, Kasen told us that it was “probably the Whataburger gift certificates because I can give these out to friends and share.” To find out more information on the Dr Pepper TEN $1 Million Dollar Shootout and what prizes you can win if you attend, go to our events page and be sure to come out for your chance to win $1 million!