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December 18th, 2011
Obstructed View Seating Added To Meet Demand

Based on the demand for tickets, temporary seating and partially obstructed lower level seating options have now been added for the 2011 Valero Alamo Bowl featuring the University of Washington and Baylor University.

These locations are only available through Ticketmaster.com are $75 for upper level and $105 for lower level (pricing inclusive of all fees except for a $5 per order charge).

The upper level obstruction is a railing that might block some portions of the field depending on your height. On the lower level, the field is viewable but an overhang obstructs the fan's view of high kicks and the scoreboard. There are pictures and  video links are on the Valero Alamo Bowl Facebook page.

On the ticket page of alamobowl.com, there are also corner lower level tickets available for $125 and upper level sideline for $75 each. The direct link is: http://www.alamobowl.com/main/tickets_detail.php?uid=119

To read Valero Alamo Bowl staffer Rick Hill's blog about how this year's game has now reached "In The Building" status, please click here.  Or his post about how "even a monkey could sellout this game is available here.

The final attendance will not be announced until after kickoff but bowl officials expect a Top 6 all-time bowl crowd to show up on December 29.

66,166 Valero Alamo Bowl, December 29, 2007 (Penn State vs. Texas A&M)
65,875 Alamo Bowl, December 30, 2006 (Texas vs. Iowa)
65,380 SYLVANIA Alamo Bowl, Dec. 28, 1999 (Penn State vs. Texas A&M)
65,265 MasterCard Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, 2004 (Ohio State vs. Oklahoma State)
65,256 Valero Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, 2011 (Washington vs. Baylor)
65,232 SYLVANIA Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, 2001 (Texas Tech vs. Iowa)
64,757 Valero Alamo Bowl, Jan. 2, 2010 (Michigan State vs. Texas Tech)
64,597 Builders Square Alamo Bowl, Dec. 28, 1995 (Michigan vs. Texas A&M)

62,016 MasterCard Alamo Bowl, Dec. 28, 2005 (Michigan vs. Nebraska)
60,780 Builders Square Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, 1998 (Kansas State vs. Purdue)
60,028 SYLVANIA Alamo Bowl, Dec. 30, 2000 (Nebraska vs. Northwestern)
57,595 Valero Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, 2010 (Arizona vs. Oklahoma State)
56,229 MasterCard Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, 2003 (Nebraska vs. Michigan State)

55,986 Valero Alamo Bowl, December 29, 2008 (Missouri vs. Northwestern)
55,677 Builders Square Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, 1996 (Texas Tech vs. Iowa)
55,552 Builders Square Alamo Bowl, Dec. 30, 1997 (Oklahoma State vs. Purdue)
50,690 Alamo Bowl presented by MasterCard, Dec. 28, 2002 (Wisc. vs. Colorado)
45,716 Builders Square Alamo Bowl, Dec. 31, 1993 (California vs. Iowa)
44,106 Builders Square Alamo Bowl, Dec. 31, 1994 (Washington State vs. Baylor)